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Our parking facilities are safe on every level

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2018 16:55 GMT

Quality parking facilities do not just provide space to park your car. We also ensure that our customers feel safe and secure when leaving or entering the parking facility on foot.

Following are some of the ways that Q-Park makes parking safer.

Are Q-Park parking facilities safe for pedestrians?

We recognise that pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of parking facilities. To enhance safety, we use clear floor markings for pedestrians and we create clear lines of sight ensuring that structural elements do not obscure visibility.

We make the routes to and from parked cars as short and clear as possible, and we design the main traffic flows for pedestrians and cars so they hardly have to cross. We also design floor connections as level as possible, avoiding thresholds wherever we can.

Figure 1 - Enhanced pedestrian safety with clear floor markings, clear lines of sight and level floor connections.

Are they safe from crime?

We take crime prevention extremely seriously. We use glass doors, walls and elevators, and open concepts with clear, bright lighting rather than walls that block visibility. Our main pedestrian access points – from the parking floors and from the outside – are as visible and transparent as possible. We strive to eliminate areas in which people could conceal themselves and we install CCTV at strategic locations.

Figure 2 - Open concepts with glass doors and walls, as transparent as possible.

Are they safe from incidents?

We seek to prevent tire damage with angled curbstones at access and exit areas.

We want to have sufficient space between the barrier and the street for pedestrian safety.

With shunt fan-ventilation systems, we extract carbon monoxide and exhaust fumes.

Figure 3 - Angled curbstones to prevent tire damage.

In the unlikely event of fire, our access shutters and gates close automatically while our exits open. Our smoke extraction equipment creates safer escape routes for customers while ensuring a safer working environment for fire fighters.

In addition, our prevention measures mean that fire compartment partition walls with complex fire shutters are not necessary, again focusing on clear lines of sight.

Q-Park does all it can to ensure the safety of our customers. As well as the above technical and build details, there is also 24/7 help available from parking hosts local to the car park and our customer service helpline. 

Throughout March, you can read more about how we ensure we  put the Quality in parking.

Not all car parks are equal.

Q-Park is Ireland’s leading off-street car park operator, synonymous with providing unrivalled parking quality and service excellence to our customers. We work hard at improving our customer's journey and creating customer satisfaction in order that when customers think of parking, they think of Q-Park!

Q-Park own and manage over 30 car parks throughout the island of Ireland with facilities in major hub cities including Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Cork and Limerick. We have highly trained Q-Park staff in each of our car parks who ensure that our customer’s parking experience is a positive one and who manage the Q-Park suite of on-site complimentary services provided to all customers.

Q-Park customers can choose from a number of parking products depending on their needs. Our most popular products include Online Booking, the Q-Park Top-Up Card and the Q-Park Premier Card (Weekday & 7 Day Parking).

As a company, our goal is to deliver the best quality parking experience to our customers through exceptional standards of customer service, safe and secure parking facilities and technical innovation.

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